Stage photography is art, combination of visual arts and audio arts, and related to instinct, speed, and moment (Anditya Eka – 2012)

Anditya Eka Fitra is an Indonesian freelance photographer, with interest documentary in social, cultural issues, and got passion in art performance documentary likes music gigs, culture festival, daily concert, etc.

Eka was born and raised in Surakarta (Indonesia) and started to learn photography during his studying activity on SKM Bulaksumur University Press (2009) and his college years on Communication of  Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. And then, Eka created AEFproject page since 2011 for showing some story his life, the “good” ones in his blog, or a precious gallery live bands and artist to especially sharing to the fans, musician, or everybody loves music.

Please, see for his portfolio photography. If you have any comments, want to share something or have something to say, leave a message on the photos (I like to meet new friend and love to hear what people has to say about my photos) or send via e-mail.


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